Westport Harbormaster

& Shellfish Deputy

Gary Tripp

Assistant Harbormasters Jonathan Paull
Richard B. Earle
James Perry
Asa Mills
Richard (Sweet Pea) Hart, Volunteer Assistant Harbormaster
Administrative Assistant  
Primary Patrol Vessel  
Seasonal Assistant Harbormasters   
VHF Hailing Channel 9
VHF Working Channel 68
Phone (508) 636-1105
Emergency Phone 911


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Location 2061 Main Road
Westport Point, MA 02791
Mailing Address P.O. Box 337
Westport Point, MA 02791

NOAA Chart #13218

NOAA Charts #13228

Martha's Vineyard to Block Island

Westport and Approaches

Westport Community Information

Community Information


Marine Info

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H.M.Richie Earle in Harbormaster patrolboat.

About Westport

The harbor is often ignored by cruising boaters due to the somewhat undeserved reputation as a "difficult approach." But, in fact, a strong (>20 knots) southwest wind , a large ocean swell (caused, say, by an ocean storm passing to the south) and an ebb tide can combine to form a dreaded "breaker on the inlet bar" condition at the mouth of the harbor. Yet this condition occurs on fewer than five days out of a typical May to October boating season. (In Prohibition Days, the Rum Runners would relish "breaker" conditions (more common, by the way, in the Winter months) to offer protection from pursuing Revenue Cutters.)

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